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01. What is the Indian Institute of Data Science (IIDS)?
The Indian Institute of Data Science (IIDS) is a premier institution in India, offering specialized courses in data science, analytics, and other emerging technologies.

02. What is the Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science?
The Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science is a comprehensive program designed to impart the skills and knowledge required to become proficient in data science, including areas such as machine learning, deep learning, and big data analytics.

03. How is the course delivered?
This course is delivered online, allowing students to learn at their own pace, anytime and anywhere. The course material includes online lectures, interactive assignments, and live projects.

04. What is the duration of the course?
The course is designed to be completed in 12 months.

05. Who are the instructors?
Our instructors are seasoned professionals from the industry and academia with a deep understanding of data science and its applications.

06. What are the prerequisites for this course?
While it's beneficial to have a background in mathematics, statistics, or programming, we have designed the course to be accessible to those with basic analytical skills. We also provide preliminary modules for beginners.

07. Is there any hands-on project or practical experience included?
Yes, the course includes multiple live projects and case studies to ensure practical application of the knowledge gained.

08. How much does the course cost?
The fee structure for the course is available on our official website.

09. What kind of certification will I receive upon completion?
Upon successful completion, you will receive a Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science from the Indian Institute of Data Science.

10. How is the assessment done?
Assessment is continuous and based on assignments, quizzes, projects, and a final examination.

11. Is there any placement assistance after course completion?
Yes, IIDS has a dedicated placement cell that helps students find suitable roles in the industry. We have tie-ups with various leading organizations in the data science domain.

12. Can international students enroll in this course?
Yes, the online nature of the course allows international students to enroll and benefit from the program.

13. What kind of technical requirements do I need for the course?
You would need a computer with a good internet connection. Specific software requirements, if any, will be provided at the beginning of the course.

14. Who can I contact for further queries?
You can reach out to our support team at [support@iids.education] or call us at [+91-8731887593 / 8787365855].



About the university

The Global Open University, Nagaland, India (A State University established by the Government of Nagaland)...

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Our Mission

To mould and nurture young people to become competent and responsible professionals in  Information Technology and Data Science Industry.

Our Core Values

Change Your Life. Because we Inspiring Minds and Change Lives.
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Building integrity and own individuality.
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Utilization of the paradigm of dependence, independence and inter-dependence.
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Rediscovering the concept practically and helps the student solve real time problems.

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