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The inauguration of the Indian Institute of Data Science on the auspicious occasion of the National Science Day, 28th February 2012, marked a significant milestone in India's pursuit of excellence in the realm of Data Science innovation, research, and knowledge dissemination. The Institute's establishment was graced by the esteemed presence of the Finance Minister of India, Hon'ble Shri Pranab Mukherjee, underscoring the Government's commitment to Data Science advancing scientific research and technological innovation in the country.

Hon'ble Shri Pranab Mukherjee with
Chancellor Dr. Priyaranjan Trivedi

The Indian Institute of Data Science, conceived with a vision of fostering pioneering advancements in the field of Data Science, stands as a testament to India's ever-growing role in the global scientific community. With a multifaceted approach encompassing training, studies, research, publications, consultancy, awareness campaigns, and the creation of audio-video materials, the Institute emerges as a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise.


1. Academic Excellence and Research Advancement: At its core, the Indian Institute of Data Science (IIDS) aims to cultivate an environment conducive to academic excellence and rigorous research. By offering cutting-edge programmes and courses in Data Science, the Institute endeavours to produce a generation of scholars and researchers who will lead the way in data-driven innovations.

2. Pioneering Research Initiatives: The Institute's primary objective is to foster research initiatives that push the boundaries of Data Science. By conducting groundbreaking research projects, the Institute aims to contribute to the global body of knowledge in areas such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and more.

3. Publications and Knowledge Dissemination: The Indian Institute of Data Science (IIDS) places great emphasis on knowledge dissemination. Through scholarly publications, research papers, and journals, the Institute aims to share its findings with the global academic and scientific community, thereby contributing to the advancement of Data Science as a discipline.

4. Consultancy and Industry Collaboration: Recognizing the growing significance of Data Science in industries across the spectrum, the Institute seeks to provide counseling and consultancy services to businesses, organizations, and Governmental bodies. By collaborating with industry Partners, the Institute aims to bridge the gap between academia and real-world applications, fostering innovation and addressing practical challenges.

5. Awareness Campaigns and Public Outreach: As a driving force behind India's scientific progress, the Institute envisions itself as a platform for raising awareness about the importance of Data Science. Through workshops, seminars, and public lectures, the Institute seeks to educate the public about the transformative potential of data-driven technologies.

6. Creation of Audio-Video Materials: Recognizing the power of multimedia in disseminating complex information, the Institute is committed to producing high-quality audio-video materials. These materials will serve as educational tools to engage learners and enthusiasts, facilitating a deeper understanding of Data Science concepts and applications.

7. Congresses, Conferences, Conventions, Summits and Seminars: The Indian Institute of Data Science (IIDS) envisions itself as a hub of intellectual exchange and collaboration. By organizing congresses, conventions, conferences, summits, seminars and symposiums on a periodical basis, the Institute seeks to bring together researchers, academicians, industry experts, and policymakers to share insights, foster collaborations, and discuss the latest trends and advancements in Data Science and allied subjects.

8. Periodical Knowledge Updation: In the rapidly evolving field of Data Science, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements is essential. The Institute commits itself to periodic knowledge updation, ensuring that its offerings, research, and events reflect the most current trends and developments.

The establishment of the Indian Institute of Data Science (IIDS) marks a pivotal moment in India's scientific journey. With a broad spectrum of objectives ranging from pioneering research and academic excellence to industry-academia collaboration and public awareness, the Institute's multidimensional approach underscores its commitment to shaping the future of Data Science. As India positions itself as a global leader in scientific innovation, the Indian Institute of Data Science stands poised to play a central role in advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and driving transformative advancements in the realm of Data Science.

The Indian Institute of Data Science (IIDS) is a Constituent Unit of The Global Open University Nagaland. This University is recognized by the University Grants Commission and was established in 2006 under the provision of The Global Open University Nagaland Act 2006 gazetted by the Government of Nagaland.

The details of the paperwise distribution of the one year Post Graduate Diploma in Data Science conducted by the Indian Institute of Data Science (IIDS), a Constituent Unit of The Global Open University Nagaland, curriculum and fee etc. are mentioned below :

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# Online Quality Based Instructional Materials
# Well Trained Faculty with wide Experience
# Zoom Based Virtual Teaching and Training


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The Global Open University, Nagaland (A State University established by the Government of Nagaland)...

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To mould and nurture young people to become competent and responsible professionals in  Information Technology and Data Science Industry.

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